Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – All 10 Spybot Locations (Aim To Misbehave / RYNO Weapon) Guide

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One of the many trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the Aim To Misbehave trophy achievement

The Aim To Misbehave trophy achievement requires you to find all 10 Spybots. By doing this you will also unlock the RYNO Weapon

Below is a simple guide on where you can find them…

(NOTE: Another method that can perhaps help you locate these Spybots is to track down the Map-O-Matic)


  • LOCATION: Corson V – Nefarious City
  • GUIDE:
  • Here head through the 02 area
  • Climb to the top platform and then head through the conveyor area
  • Keep following the path and use the crates to reach the top floor
  • You will now be in a room with a purple dimensional portal
  • Here simply jump to the other side of the platform
  • You can find the spybot sitting inside the large tube


  • LOCATION: Sargasso
  • GUIDE: This Spybot can be got as a reward for collecting all 60 Zurpstone


  • LOCATION: Scarstu Debris Field
  • GUIDE:
  • After obtaining the ‘Hurlshot’ ability which you get whilst on the planet Torren IV, head to Scarstu Debris Field
  • From there head to the vendor area located in the North
  • Use the grapple to swing across to the platform opposite


  • LOCATION: Scarstu Debris Field
  • GUIDE:
  • You will need to complete the Gold Challenge ‘VRoom Around’ which becomes available after completing the planet Viceron
  • Then after doing all of that return back to the location with the vendor found during the last collectible
  • Then head through the archway here to reach Zurkie
  • From Zurkie continue on into the next room and inspect the computer on the right, it should have a green screen.
  • Using the terminal scroll to the Gold Vroom Around option in order to unlock this next Spybot


  • LOCATION: Savali – Urfdah Mesa
  • GUIDE: This one can be found to the North East of the map to get there head to the cave area. Then once there use the green mechanism to swing over to the other platform (abandoned ship) and to where the spybot is located


  • LOCATION: Blizar Prime – Blizon Mines
  • GUIDE: This one is a reward for completing the Find The Missing Chef optional side quest


  • LOCATION: Torren IV – Molonoth Gulch
  • GUIDE: This one is quite close to the vendor.
  • Anyway head along the slanted path and it should take you to the spybot


  • LOCATION: Cordelion – Kedaro Station
  • GUIDE: You can find this next one by the teleporter and Blizon Crystal, it is sitting on a platform above by a yellow warp


  • LOCATION: Ardolis – Pirate Base
  • GUIDE: Head to the section of the map with both a vendor and teleporter and make your way towards the optional quest marker
  • When you arrive on the ship with the bridge leading to the optional quest marker jump and glide towards the next platform below
  • Then loop around to the left and to the next spybot


  • LOCATION: Viceron – Zordoom Prison
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the Northern section of the map and close to the bottom teleport on this said section.
  • Here head North and swing and wall run to the air vent, smash through this vent
  • Continue on and head right
  • In the area with the pipes head left and follow the path to another air vent
  • Continue on and head right and to another air vent that we need to break
  • If you keep following this path you will then arrive at the final spybot
  • After collecting all 10 spybots you will then need to travel to Scarstu Debris Field and find a character named Ms. Zurkon who will be holding your reward. RYNO 8 and Aim To Misbehave trophy achievement obtained


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