Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – How To Get The Map-O-Matic (Reveals Hidden Secrets & Collectibles) Guide

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Having trouble finding the various hidden secrets and collectibles? Well look no further than the Map-O-Matic. This little gadget reveals all of the locations to those pesky little goodies that like to hide, this include; Raritanium, Gold Bolts, Spybots and more!

Below is a simple guide on how to get the Map-O-Matic

  • LOCATION: Ardolis – Pirate Base
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the Pirate Base in Ardolis and after rescuing Captain Quantum you will initiate an optional treasure hunt for potential loot hiding in the tavern
  • At this point you will want to head to the ball room with the music and robots, then look up at the ceiling to find a chandelier of sorts, use the Void Repulser to destroy it
  • This will turn the dance floor where the robots are into an elevator, ride it
  • Up here you will be attacked by Pirate enemies and where the Pirate Ship appears from will be a treasure chest, you will need to kill all of the enemies here first before you can open it
  • The Map-O-Matic can be found in this chest


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