Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Savali Optional Mission (Lumbax Lore – All 12 Lorbs) Guide

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When you arrive at Savali – Urfdah Mesa you will be given an optional mission which involves Lumbax Lore and collecting all 12 Lorbs.

Lorbs are round artefacts that contain voice recordings from the past, they are often found on altars. For completing this you will be rewarded with the Might’ve Broken Something trophy achievement

Here is a simple guide on how to find and collect all 12


  • GUIDE: Here keep following the path through the various arches in order to reach the first Lorb artefact. As soon as you arrive a scene will occur and the Lorb will appear on the altar, basically smash the Lorb using melee weapons in order to collect it


GUIDE: You can find this next one to the North West of the Gold Bolt


GUIDE: Find the platform near the giant walking robot, the next one is up here. In order to reach it you need to use the nearby boost pad


GUIDE: From the last collectible drop down to the lower level and head to the area with the purple warp, the next one is here


GUIDE: Here use the wall run to get to the other platform, you can find the next one here


GUIDE: Here use the yellow warps to warp yourself onto the next platform, keep doing this until you reach an area with some rail tracks. There should be a total of 3 yellow warps that you need to use. Then use the rail tracks to reach the next collectible


GUIDE: Here find and locate the blue and orange pillars, there should be four of them. Shoot all of the orange pillars in order to turn all of them blue. After turning all 4 pillars blue the next Lorb will pop


GUIDE: Find and locate the South East Pocket Dimension in order to find some statues and a wall with four orange lights on it, blast this wall to unlock the next Lorb


GUIDE: North East of the teleporter will be a bunch of archways, head through the archway on the left to find a bunch of plant monsters and our next collectible.


GUIDE: Near the Eastern Raritanium continue up the hill towards an archway, to the left of you should be a tree jump beyond this tree to find the next one.


GUIDE: Just a little South West of the last one find the boost pad and use it, then on the next platform turn left to find a bouncy mushroom. Use the mushroom to get to the platform on the top right and follow that to a giant yellow mushroom that we can get to. Then bounce on the next red mushroom and use the yellow warp to reach the next one


GUIDE: The final Lorb can be found flying around on a machine that we will need to chase and stop. This one may be automatically shown on the map, if not then head to the far North West as the machine can be spotted here. Use the purple grapple on the machine once you get close enough to it in order to get on the machine and then stand on the bright green switch to stop it and collect your final Lorb.

You will be rewarded with Wasteland Gear Boots, Wasteland Gear Chest, Wasteland Gear Helmet and the Might’ve Broken Something trophy achievement. If you equip the new Wasteland Gear Boots, Chest and Helmet you can also unlock the Does This Make My Tail Look Big? trophy achievement too because it is part of a set


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