Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – All 9 CraiggerBears Locations (UnBEARably Awesome) Guide

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One of the many collectibles that can be found within Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart are the CraiggerBears, these are cute little teddy bears that are just laying around all over the place

Collecting them all will reward you with the UnBEARably Awesome and It’s So Fluffy! trophy achievement

Below are the locations of where you can find all 9


  • LOCATION: Corson V – Nefarious City
  • GUIDE: Here head down the ramp towards the air vents and stalls to find this one. It will be sitting on the stall table by the large robot


  • LOCATION: Sargasso – Outpost L51
  • GUIDE: Here ride over to the other platform then use the pole to swing on over to the tunnel area. Here climb up to the top platform and through the door. The CraiggerBear can be found enjoy the comforts of the nearby sofa


  • LOCATION: Torren IV – Molonoth Gulch
  • GUIDE: After landing in Torren IV you will arrive at the outskirts. Keep following the path and use the wall run to get to the other side. Land on the lower platform and follow it on to reach a stall with several TVs, the next collectible is here


  • LOCATION: Cordelion – Kedaro Station
  • GUIDE: After activating the crystal head left and keep sliding down to the very bottom. After reaching the bottom the little teddy bear can be found sitting on top of the snow mound


  • LOCATION: Ardolis – Pirate Base
  • GUIDE: Here ride the elevator up to an area with a large skeleton, continue on through this room. Use the boats to get across to the other side. The collectible is in this next room by the treasure chest


  • LOCATION: Blizar Prime – Blizon Mines
  • GUIDE: The next teddy bear is in the room with the crystal, just behind the robot in blue


  • LOCATION: Viceron – Zordoom Prison
  • GUIDE: You can find this next one sitting on the benches to the side of the room, after taking down a large robot


  • LOCATION: Savali – Urfdah Mesa
  • GUIDE: Here head over the damaged bridge and then jump down into the various tree branches next to the cliff side. A path should then appear below you, follow this path to the next teddy bear sitting by the vases


  • LOCATION: Scarstu Debris Field – Zurkie’s
  • GUIDE: When tasked with looking for Zurkie in the Gastropub keep following that said objective, boosting through the barrier into Zurkie’s Gastropub when you reach it. The last collectible can be found next to the bar.


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