(RDR2) Red Dead Redemption 2 : We Loved Once and True III – Gold Mission Reward (Chapter 2 – Horseshoe Overlook)

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Here you will find a guide on how to get the Gold Mission Rewards. 

This guide will include all of the different objectives in order to get the Gold Rush Trophy / Achievement, which requires you to get around 70 Gold Rewards from various different missions.

MISSION 8) ​We Loved Once and True III

1) Peacefully convince the Chelanians to let you take Jamie (Undecided and Purpous)
2) Return Jamie to Mary within 2 minutes

When you reach the Chelanians you will need to convince them to let you take Jamie, you need to do this nicely so chose the options ‘Undecided’ and ‘Purpous’ when the options present themselves.
Now the next part can be tricky as there is a good chance that you will not make it in time if you follow the set way-point. Instead ignore that and just concentrate on trying to get to the main objective, keep going fast but make sure not to stumble into anything along the way and you should make it with plenty of time to spare.

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