(RE2) Resident Evil 2 Remake : Monitor Room (Plug Puzzle) Guide

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There are many different puzzles for you to solve within the Resident Evil 2 Remake, some of which are featured in both scenarios (Leon and Claire). Whilst others may only feature during the one scenario.

Please note some of these puzzles have a habbit of being random. However, they all require a similar procedure in order to be solved

7a) MONITOR ROOM – PLUG PUZZLE (Both Leon & Claire)

LOCATION: Monitor Room
REWARD: Story Progression

For this one you should have all of your Bishop Plugs available to you. If so then great we can continue, if not tough luck I guess your not yet ready for this puzzle quite yet..

Anyway moving on, for those that are ready here is the solution. With all Plugs in hand return to the ‘Monitor’ room if your not yet there as that is where we solve this one!

Now you will want to place the Plugs in order of what Claire and the message on the wall at the table reads out, if your still stuck then below if a picture of the solution!


LOCATION: Monitor Room
REWARD: Story Progression

Again this puzzle is slightly different to the one in the first run, here is the solution.

Left Wall – Right Wall

BISHOP   –     King (Far End)
ROOK      –     Queen (Middle)
KNIGHT   –     Pawn (Nearest the door)

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