(RE2) Resident Evil 2 Remake : Storage Room (Plug Puzzle) Guide

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There are many different puzzles for you to solve within the Resident Evil 2 Remake, some of which are featured in both scenarios (Leon and Claire). Whilst others may only feature during the one scenario.

Please note some of these puzzles have a habbit of being random. However, they all require a similar procedure in order to be solved

6) STORAGE ROOM – PLUG PUZZLE (Both Leon & Claire)

LOCATION: Supply Storage Room
REWARD: King & Queen Plug
STORY SCENARIO: Both 1st & 2nd run

Okay this one feels like a bit of a maze however, here is the solution!

First off you will want to remove the ‘Queen Plug’ from near the door, this unlocks the stairs behind you. Now you will want to insert the ‘Queen Plug’ into the plugin furthest from the stairs, this will give you access to the stairs. Be careful as you climb these stairs as there will be a Zombie there.

Here take out the ‘King’ Plug and climb back down to the lower floor. Now insert the ‘King’ plug into the plugin by the yellow what appears to look like a gun hanging on the wall. Here grab the ‘Spark Shot’ take the ‘King’ Plug back out.

Now take back the ‘Queen’ Plus this will close the gate once again, insert the ‘Queen’ Plug into its correct place by the stairs. this will get you back to the stairs you originally came down. Here insert the ‘King’ Plug then run and take out the ‘Queen’ Plug, from here with now only one path to go through get the  ‘King’ Plug to solve the puzzle!

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