(RE2) Resident Evil 2 Remake : Waist Of Space (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Here we walk you through how to unlock the ‘Waist Of Space’ Trophy / Achievement in order to do this you need to fully max out your inventory space, which you can do by collecting items known as Hip Pouches
You only have to get all Hip Pouches in one story segment to achieve this one!

Below is a video showing how to get them all and their locations. There are a total of 6 different ones to collect, in doing so your inventory will be upgraded and thus you can carry more firepower! Which is essential for later game.

(NOTE: This is based on the first run with the character, ie Run ‘A’. A second run ‘B’, item locations may differ. Also, both Leon & Claire have the same pouch locations so find one in one room for Claire it will be the same for Leon too. Only possible downside is that on higher difficulties such as ‘Hardcore’ the pouch locations may differ and be replaced with something else instead.)

  • Pouch 1 – West Storage Room on a bench
  • Pouch 2 – West Office. Safe code (R9 L15 R7)
  • Pouch 3 – Operators Room. In a Locker 
  • Pouch 4 – Requires x2 Portable Safes. x1 Portable Safe can be found in the ‘Shower Room’ near the Lockers.
  • Another Portable Safe can be found in the ‘Linen Room’ which requires the ‘Diamond Key’ which can be found in the ‘Morgue’
  • Solve these Portable Safe puzzles to get x2 white keys.
  • From there head to the ‘Weapon Storage Room’ and insert these white keys into the machine and input the number you want
  • Pouch 5 – Can be found on a table in the ‘Work Room’
  • Pouch 6 – Can be found on your return trip to the ‘Nap Room’

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