Paper Mario – The Origami King : All Water Vellumental Shrine Puzzles (Panel) Guide

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There are many different puzzles for you to solve within Paper Mario: The Origami King, two of which reside within the Water Vellumental Shrine.

So lets slip and slide into covering both of these puzzles..


Okay so our first puzzle begins in a rather large room and it seems to be a dead end of sorts, however there is a secret room here in which we need to take.

So from where you begin in this room, you will need to head to the left side of the room and near the blue flame pedestal. 
Here you should be able to see a part of the wall that you can smash open (as seen in the image above). So head there and smash open the wall.

Dodge the crab enemies in the next section and just keep following the straight path up. However, now here is the tricky part as you will now need to time your jumping in order to obtain the much needed Groovy Panel.

In order to do this you will need to head to the far end of the screen and jump at the same exact time as you see the Sidestepper with the block (as seen in the image below)​
If you jump at the same time as you see the crab with the block appear on your screen (as seen above), then well done the POW box will now appear. If not don’t worry just keep trying.

Now for the next part we need to do something else that is quite similar to what we have just already done. With the POW box now in view, you will now once again need to wait for the Sidestepper with the block to once again appear and this time you will need to time your jump so that you hit the POW box at the same time as you see the box crab appear.
It is a little difficult to see the crab on the image above, it was a rather close call as the crab almost disappeared once again, hopefully you can still follow this regardless.

Hitting the POW box when the box crab is in view will end up stunning the sidestepper and allow us to finally obtain the Groovy Panel
Thus run into the now dazed crab and a small battle will follow, defeat it and the panel will be yours!
Now you can return back into the last room and insert the newly obtained Panel into the machine, that just so happened to be missing that one single panel.
Now you will be tasked with having to organise and position the other panels in order to form a picture of sorts, the correct formation should be as shown in the image below..
The flooring should now move and resemble the puzzle you just solved! That will also be the end of puzzle section 1, congratulations!​


You will now be in a similar looking room from the last one, however it seems that the flooring has even more shapes and panels that need moving, oh boy..

Just like with the last room, there will once again be a wall in which you will need to once again smash open. Go ahead and do so..​
Now this section 2 puzzle will be a lot longer than the last one, however hopefully it won’t be too much of an issue.

Once the next screen loads in, just keep following the path HOWEVER before you head through and exit this screen STOP!

Instead stick to this room and jump down the small cliff to the bottom floor (as seen in the image below)
Say hello to the fish that will probably give you a little scare as it jumps up. Now you will need to smash through yet another wall here, if you jumped down from the same spot as seen in the above image this damage wall should be right above you.​
Whilst in this room, you should be able to see next sliding panel on the floor here, however picking it will invite some unwanted friends to come and hang out with you.​
This newly found panel will be known as the Groovier Panel and it will be the only one in which we need, so once again return back to the sliding machine and insert this new found piece into it.
Now for the moment we have all been waiting for (well not really), it is time to once again play panel puzzle solving.​
This is what the puzzle should look like and in order to actually get there you will need to position them as follows;

​Right, Up, Left, Down
Right, Right, Up, Left
Left, Down, Right, Up
Up, Left, Down, Right
Right, Up, Left, Down
Right, Up, Left, Left
Down, Right, Right, Down,
A (insert piece)

The floor will now once again move around and you will thankfully be finished with these puzzles.

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