Paper Mario – The Origami King : All 4 Hidden Toad Locations (Spade Island) Guide

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The Toads are back and this time they seem to be hidden in Spade Island. They also seem to have a problem of their own to deal with too.

Whilst this island may seem rather small in size, it may still be quite a challenge to find the hidden Toad characters here.

Also, as previously said before they seem to have an issue of their own too. It would seem that one of the Toad characters has somehow managed to get themselves stuck in an explosive barrel. We have the task of trying to free him, however we need to find all of the hidden Toad characters first, so lets get to it!

For this one there will be a total of 4 hidden Toad characters for you to find, all of which will be colour coded to match the explosive barrel


This one can be found by smashing the barrels to the North East of the island here


This one can be found by defeating the Goomba and the Cheep Cheep (Fish) that lands here


This one can be found by hammering the floor by the trees here


​This one may be a bit trickier as it will involve jumping and making various different boxes appear.

​First of all head to the barrels on the South West side of the map, then using your trusty Hammer, hit the floor next to the barrels in order for the yellow ‘?’ box to appear. You will need to do this twice to turn this said box from yellow to brown

From there use the brown box you just hit in order to be able to jump onto the barrels here. You will need to be careful as you jump from each barrel and over to the far one (as seen in the image below).

Once on this said far one, jump on it in order to make the yellow ‘?’ box appear. Jump once again to turn this Yellow ‘?’ box to a brown box like you did before. Something will fly out of this box now.. wonder what it is..
If you go and investigate the thing that flew out of the box (by first off smashing it with your Hammer), smashing the floor will allow this thing to become unstuck in the ground.
After smashing the ground, number 4 which will be the Yellow Toad will now appear.

Now all that remains is for you to head to the explosive barrel and Push each individual coloured Toad into the barrel, push them all in

After successfully pushing them all inside the barrel, the barrel will then explode and the Toad family can now rejoice as one big happy family, awww

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