Paper Mario : The Origami King – How To Find All 25 Hidden Toad Ninja (House Of Tricky Ninjas) Guide

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Finding all of the hidden Ninja within the House of Tricky Ninjas can be quite a troublesome task, I mean they are hidden after all.

However, what they don’t know is that I’m here and I have brought a guide on how to actually find them all MUWAHAHAHA!

‘Cough’ lets get on with it.. There is a total of 25 cheeky little Toad Ninjas to find

#1 – 

Okay so the first one shouldn’t be too difficult to find as he appears on the door (after you hit it of course), you will not actually be able to access the building without doing this and thus this one is unmissable.

#2 – 

This one can be found after gaining access to the building (after finding #1), then heading into the next room on the left.
Simply hit the lamp light here (as seen in the image above) in order for this one to show it’s face.

#3 – 

In the exact same room as #2, head to the sand pile in the middle of the room and smack the sand but make sure not to get any of it in your eyes, ouch..

#4 – 

For this one open the wardrobe here and behind it should be a pink rope that you can pull, do so in order to unlock #4

#5 – 

The next one is actually behind the next wardrobe door by #4

#6 – 

This one is actually hiding in the box to the left of the room, simply open the box then jump on it and pull this Ninja out of his hiding hole. 

#7 – 

This one can be found behind the moving doors in the room, simply activate the door in order for it to bounce out like the Ninja he is!

#8 – 

This one can be found after pulling the obvious pink rope here. This will also end this current room, well done you have found them all (well here anyway :P)

Thus in order to now move on, you will need to pull the flowery picture here behind #8 in order to unveil a secret passage that you can go through.

#9 – 

This one can be found by walking over the loose floorboard here, next to the wall.

#10 –

Again another one that hides under the floor, makes sense really. In order to trigger any of the floorboard Ninja, just simply stand on the specific platform that they are found under.

#11 –

Under the floor, scary..

#12 and #13 –

Two for one, bargain! That also concludes our trip to this specific room.

​Now in order to get out and not fall to our deaths (joke!) please activate the door as seen in the image below..

Good! Now you are trapped here forever MWAHAHA! Silly little gamer got stuck and now I can safely move onto doing the next page of my website, catch you later! You should never trust me, silly little gamer.

Actually ‘cough’ if you haven’t already caught on there may or may not be a lever that you can pull here, then just … you know.. follow the one way path to the next screen…

#14 – Okay after escaping the dangerous floorboard section and when you head outside, turn to the railing and do NOT follow the path here. Instead jump over the railing where the pond is.
Head to the lantern next to the building here and smack it with your Hammer, this will reveal a loose window of the building next to you. Keep smacking the Lantern in order to fully remove the window.

Once the window has been fully removed, jump inside the building.
Whilst inside head to the boxes on the bottom right (ignore the bubble, it is mine leave it alone). Instead hiding under these boxes is one of the crafty Toad Ninja, pull him out as he seems to be having problems..

As for our cheeky devil #14 he can actually be found in the lockers here, the middle one to be more precise. ​

#15 –

This jammy little Ninja has just blocked the door behind us, bully..

#16 –

There is something sharp about this room

#17 – 


#18 – 

I think coming here might of been a bad idea…

#19 –

Now I’m getting ANGRY!!! HULK STYLE!!! HULK SMASH!!!

#20 –

For this one you simply need to smash through the wall here which will actually reveal a pink rope that you can pull, doing so will reveal a ladder and #20

#21 –

Once up the newly discovered staircase, simply hit the ceiling rail thingy whatsit thing, in order to reveal #21

#22 –

Hmm I wonder what is behind this door.. Technically speaking it was part of the wall, so smash the wall here to open it

#23 –

Here is me hoping for a Phoenix Down, oh wait..

Thankfully that concludes that room, now I am full of sharp spiky holes..

Anyway in order to get out of this room, you will need to drop to the floor and then follow the images​

Simply go to where the image above shows, then head closer to the screen and more towards you in order to head to the next screen.

#24 –

This one can be found behind the door right by the entrance.

Okay not exactly another Toad Ninja BUT it is a way forward. Go to where Mario is in the above image, then you will want to hit the floor here with your trusty Hammer, give it a good smack!

This will actually reveal a new drawer set turned staircase thing.
Cool right?
#25 – 

Now listen carefully, for this one to appear you will need to keep hitting the single open drawer here, keep doing so until Toad Ninja #25 appears.
Uhh that is going to leave a mark in the morning..

Anyway dust yourself off and bounce up these drawer stairs to the next floor.

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