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Kendo’s Armory and Protege requires you to collect several different weapons and weapon accessories.

These weapons and accessories are scattered and hidden in several different areas and locations for you to find.

There are also 10 of each too, meaning that there are 10 different weapons and 10 different weapon accessories to collect.
Getting all of the different weapons will grant you the Kendo’s Armory trophy achievement.

Both of the Kendo’s Armory and Protege grants you additional rewards such as;

KENDO’S ARMORY: 600 points and the Robert Kendo Model
KENDO’S PROTEGE: 300 points and the Nathaniel Bard Model

Once you have collected a Weapon Accessory for a Weapon you actually have, make sure to go into your inventory and combine both the Weapon and Accessory so that you take full advantage of the Weapon. In doing so you will also unlock the Gunsmith trophy and achievement too.


NAME: Dot Sight
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 0:00 – 2:01

This one can be found downtown in the Drugstore Owner’s Safe. The code for this can be found in the Pharmacy on the Aqua Cure poster.
The code for me ended up being L9, R3, L7 (L= Left / R = Right)
Combing the Dot Sight with the Handgun will give you the G19 Handgun

NAME: Extended Magazine
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 2:01 – 3:15
​(Downtown Revisit)

​After restoring power via the Control Room you will be tasked with returning back to the Train. However, along the way a certain ‘friend’ will show up and crash through the walls.

You will need to defeat him and up on doing so he will end up dropping a Case that you can examine and unlock, doing so will give you the Extended Magazine.
​The easiest way to deal with him is to lob a Grenade at him which will down him in one hit.

If this is your first time defeating him then you will also be rewarded with the Nemesis Down trophy achievement

NAME: Tactical Shock
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 4:21 – 9:44 

In order to get this one you are going to need to do quite a bit of running around. You are going to need to collect at least 2 Jewels which are hidden inside Fancy Boxes
These Jewels are required in order to fix the clock tower monument and once you have that fixed, the Tactical Shock will be one of the rewards.
In order to find and fix this monument you can refer to the video (above) or the written guide (here), upon completing it you will not only get the Tactical Shock Accessory but you will also be rewarded with the Power Stones trophy achievement

NAME: Moderator
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 9:44 – 10:41
(Downtown – Revisit)

When you return to the Downtown area after activating the Train and using the Control Room facilities, head through the Donut Shop.
When you exit the Donut Shop you should see a cinematic featuring Nemesis who seems to be infecting another Zombie with some parasite.
What you need to do here is defeat Nemesis once again, remember Grenades and any nearby explosive barrels are very effective against this guy.
After defeating him (fist in the air) he will drop another case with the Moderator inside it. 

NAME: Semi-Auto Barrel
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 11:50 – 12:46
(Downtown – Kendo’s Shop)

After continuing the story a bit more you should eventually find yourself in Kendo’s Gun Store.
You will find this one inside the shop sitting on one of the shelves.

NAME: Scope
ACCESSORY FOR: Assault Rifle
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 12:46 – 13:55
(Police Station)

For this one you will need to first collect the ID Card that Brad Vickers should of left behind assuming you killed him, if not go ahead and do so. I know it may be difficult but he is no longer Brad Vickers any more so put him out of his misery and collect his ID Card whilst your at it.
After that head for the 1F West Office and inside here on the table should be a small case that you can unlock using the ID Card, here is where the Scope will be hiding. 

NAME: Dual Magazine
ACCESSORY FOR: Assault Rifle
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 13:55 – 15:16

You will find this one inside the Nurse Station room, it will be inside a locked Safe.
The code for this Safe should be; L9, R3 (L = Left / R = Right)

NAME: Tactical Grip
ACCESSORY FOR: Assault Rifle
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 15:16 – 16:10

For this one you will need to head to 2F. From here there should be a window that has yellow tape around it and you should be able to jump through and into the Courtyard below.
Once in the Courtyard 

NAME: Shell Holder
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 18:49 – 19:33 
(Underground Passage)

Though you don’t have to, it is probably advised that you only attempt to get this after playing about with the Fuses and before heading into Nest. I only say this as it’s much easier and there will be no enemies to deal with.
Anyway, this one can be found inside a case in the bottom right of the room by the lift. 

NAME: Extended Barrel
(Underground Passage)
This one can be found behind the Surveillance Room, behind the large computer.

(Note: You can get the G19 Handgun by combining the Dot Sight Accessory with the Handgun. Some other new weapons are also unlocked this way too, be sure to always combine weapons and accessories together!
The Assault Rifle can be obtained through playing on the Assisted (Easy Mode) difficulty) 

NAME: M3 Shotgun
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 3:15 – 4:21

After acquiring the Bolt Cutters from the Garage (story item), you will then want to head inside the Kite Bros Railway Company building (where you found the Fire Hose).
Head inside the larger room of the 2 rooms inside this building and you will find the Shotgun on the wall here, use the Bolt Cutters to unlock them.

NAME: MLG Grenade Launcher
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 10:41 – 11:50
​(Downtown – Sewers)

You can find this one inside the Office just casually sitting on top of a table

NAME: G18 Handgun
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 16:10 – 16:57

This one can be found in the Makeshift Sickroom where Jill will be for the majority of the Hospital section. This can also only be obtained whilst playing as Jill too.

NAME: .44 AE Lightning Hawk
VIDEO TIMESTAMP: 16:57 – 18:49

This one just like with the G18 Handgun can only be obtained through playing as Jill.
​As Jill head to 2F and there should be some debris that Jill can crawl through, at the other side you should be able to find a window that Jill can jump out of, go ahead and do so.
You will now be in the 1F Courtyard. You will find the Hawk Magnum inside the case here

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