(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 Remake : Train (Subway Office) Puzzle Solution Guide

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This puzzle will be the second one that you will encounter during the game’s story. It involves connecting the different Train lines so that Carlos and his buddies can start the Train and leave the Subway.

The puzzle itself can be found at the Railway Building and more specifically in the Railway Building’s Control Room.

You are given a map of sorts with several different routes and numbers including Redstone Street and Faust Avenue.

Hmm.. this one is probably the only really difficult puzzle in the whole game to be honest as there isn’t many clues as to how to solve it.

The Train is current residing at Redstone Street but it needs to be at Fox Park Station. The first and bottom ones are already automatically done for you, as you have RE-01 and FO-01. Which are basically the initials for Redstone Street and Fox Park Station, so you need to work out the journey that the Train will go between Redstone and Fox Park.

I mean you can try and work it out for yourself but chances are you probably have already tried doing that. Thus, here you are looking at my fantastic website for answers.. Okay I’ll give them to you, here..

​FA – 02
RA – 03
SA – 02

Once you have all of that typed in, hit Enter to complete the puzzle.

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