(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 Remake : Substation Power (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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This puzzle isn’t too bad actually and it is the very first puzzle that you will come across too.

You will encounter this puzzle as you exit out of the Control Room and find the Lock Pick. You will find yourself in a small area with Spiders/Brain Suckers lurking around.

These Brain Suckers can attack Jill and infect her, thankfully in this game all you need to do in order to nullify the Poison is to use a single Green Herb, viola!
The best weapon to defeat them is the Shotgun which can be obtained using the Bolt Cutters back at the Railway Building.

Anyway lets begin..

Your goal here is to re-activate the Power Supply for the Downtown area. In order to do that you need to find the 4 machines that will do just that.

Once you find one of these machines simply press and hold the X button (PS4) and this will activate a part of the power needed to complete the puzzle.

Do this will all of them to complete the puzzle.. Watch out though as each time you activate one of these machines you will then be attacked by one of these Spiders/Brain Suckers. 

You will find 3 of them on the lower floor and one of them on the top floor (requires you to climb the nearby ladder)

This area is also potentially the first real area where you can obtain the Two For One Deal trophy achievement, as this area is swarming with enemies and in a rather closed environment too.

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