(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 Remake : Nemesis Boss Fight (Clock Tower Plaza) Guide

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The Nemesis (Clock Tower Plaza) boss fight appears shortly after Carlos finishes up investigating the Police Station.

Unlike with the previous fight Nemesis doesn’t come with any actual weapons. However, in this fight he is much faster and his fists and claws are enough of a weapon to potentially one-hit you.

Being more of a melee fight this time around, things shouldn’t be too bad. His main attacks are running around and trying to claw at you, jumping and punching you whatever he thinks will give him the advantage really.
His main and most deadly attack is when he decides to jump on top of the nearby vehicles, at this point keep running around and be ready for him to appear.
If you get hit by him as he lands you may even get a quick death, so watch out.

My strategy for this one was to use the Shotgun (providing you brought it along with you after getting the Bolt Cutters back at the Railway building).
If not just use whatever weapon you have and that you think will be most effective. Thankfully there are lots of healing items as well as ammunition nearby so be sure to pick those up.

As this fight occurs in an area that doesn’t have an Item Box nearby you are going to have to be extremely careful. 

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