(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 Remake : How To Improve A Weapon (Gunsmith) Trophy Achievement Guide

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One of the many trophies and achievements within Resident Evil 3 Remake is Gunsmith.

In order to unlock Gunsmith, you are going to need to improve a weapon. Don’t worry though, it is quite easy to do so and you only need to do it with the one weapon.

All that is required to pull this one off is to find a weapon accessory and thankfully there is one you can unlock really early in the game, here is how..

Whilst in Downtown Raccoon City which will be the first place where you will encounter several Zombies and after meeting up with Mikhail and Carlos. 

You will then want to head for the Drugstore Owner’s building which can be seen in the map below.

In here you will find a dead body alongside a lone Zombie too, anyway next to this dead body will be a small note entitled ‘​Drugstore Owner’s Journal’.
If you read this Journal you will discover a possible code at the Pharmacy building and the Aqua Cure poster, we need to head here and find this poster!

Here on the Aqua Cure poster you should be able to see a code, I’m not sure if this is random each time you play a new game or what but for me the code was (L9, R3, L7)
L = Left / R = Right

Okay, now we need to travel back to the Drugstore Building and inside here there should be locked safe that you can crack, it’s the only safe in this room.

You will now want to use the code and input it into the safe, once you unlock it you’ll be given the Dot Sight Handgun Accessory.

Now head into your Inventory and combine both the Handgun and Dot Sight Accessory and in doing so you should now unlock the Gunsmith trophy achievement, alongside having a much better Handgun too. (G19 Handgun)

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