(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 Remake : How To Find The Lock Pick

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There sure are a lot of yellow padlocked lockers and doors around aren’t they? I wonder how to gain access to them hmm..

Well actually in order to gain access to these yellow padlocks and the goodies that may lay behind them, is to first of all find the Lock Pick.

The Lock Pick is actually a story related item and thus if you plan on trying to even finish the story in the game then you are going to need them anyway.
Once you have them you can always travel back, though as long as you haven’t strayed too far before hand that is, in order to then open these locks if you of course want to, curiosity killed the cat and all that right?

The Lock Pick can be found just after going through the second floor door of the Control Room (the story will eventually lead you here).

From there head down the small flight of steps to be greeted by a locked gate, this gate actually needs the Lock Pick.
The guy holding the Lock Pick can be found sitting in the corner at the end of the path here, watch out for the Spiders!

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