(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 Remake : How To Find The Bolt Cutters Guide

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As you venture through the sickened streets of Raccoon City, you will no doubt realize that a lot of doors are locked with a chain including a very nice Shotgun too.
The only way to get through these doors is to destroy the lock, sadly the only way of being able to do that is to find and use the Bolt Cutters.

Thankfully the Bolt Cutters are not too far away, in fact they reside on the wall just by the Garage.
They are in fact a story related item and thus if you plan to even try to finish the story you are going to need them anyway.

The Garage can be found just after putting out the fire next to the Fire Hydrant.
When you enter the next room from here, you should instantly find the Bolt Cutters and now you can get the lovely Shotgun, amongst other things too of course. 

If you have managed to play the Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo prior to this then you should now how to find both the Fire Hose and Shotgun, if not then they both reside in the Kite Bros Railway building

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