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The Vaccine puzzle will be a story related puzzle found within Nest. Here you will have to combine both the Culture Sample and the Vaccine Base and then use the machine found in the area next to the Lab to create the actual Vaccine.

A bit of a mouthful but to be honest it isn’t too difficult, both the Culture Sample and Vaccine Base are easy to find given the fact that Nest is rather small and despite there being several floors, there isn’t many rooms that you can actually enter. 

The actual puzzle starts when you interact with the Vaccine Machine. Here you are given a screen with what looks like meters and under each one reads ‘LOW’ hmm..

Simply insert the Vaccine Base into the machine to begin the puzzle. Now you should have the picture shown above with the various numbers and something regarding ‘LOW’.

Now if you are good at exploring, meaning you enjoy exploring every room from top to bottom then you should of got a note earlier regarding this puzzle.

If not then the simple solution to it is to turn each one until it says; MID HIGH LOW

The great thing about this puzzle is that you can interact with it as many times as you want as long as you get the reading mentioned above. 
Meaning if you activate the middle one more than once for example then you will be fine, there really is no point in worrying over this one. So play about with each one until you get the correct readings. 

The puzzle should now read 50.0 for each one (as seen in the picture above). The Vaccine should now be ready to take and it’s now time to save Raccoon City!

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