Resident Evil Village – All Labyrinth Ball (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Resident Evil Village consists of many different puzzles that you can find and solve, one such puzzle is the Labyrinth Ball Puzzle

Labyrinth Ball is a puzzle that resides in various different areas and it involves playing with balls and erm solving puzzles too

This particular puzzle is actually optional and is not required for story completion, still it is nice to still give it a go, yes? YES!

The objective for this puzzle is to collect various different Puzzle Balls and then use them to unlock the various Labyrinth Puzzles

Below is a quick guide on how to solve this one! There is a total of 4 Puzzle Balls to find and thus 4 Labyrinth Puzzles to solve

  • #1 (BALL)
  • BALL NAME: Flower Swords Ball
  • LOCATION: Castle Dimitrescu (Opera Hall 2F)
  • STORY POINT: Escape the Castle
  • INFO: At the Opera Hall 2F follow the balcony around to the left until you reach a rather dark room, the Flower Swords Ball can be found in here inside a small chest
  • #PUZZLE 1
  • LOCATION: Castle Dimitrescu (Merchant Room 1F)
  • STORY POINT: Place all the Angel Masks
  • UNLOCKED: Obtain Flower Swords Ball
  • REWARD: Crimson Skull
  • INFO: After acquiring the Flower Swords Ball you will then want to head to the Merchant Room 1F to begin your first Labyrinth Puzzle.
  • Insert the Flower Swords Ball to begin….
  • You will now need to lead the ball through the castle courtyard by tilting the table it sits on
  • Start of by titling it to the left until the ball won’t move any more
  • Then roll it forward towards you and across the bridge. The bridge moves so don’t go too fast at this point.
  • After successfully passing the bridge, tilt and roll the ball to the right
  • Now be careful here as there will be holes in the next path of the puzzle and you don’t want the ball to fall into any of them. So carefully manoeuvre around them and make the ball roll forward and towards you to complete the puzzle.
  • If this is your first time then you will unlock the trophy achievement Get The Ball Rolling

  • #2 (BALL)
  • BALL NAME: Sun and Moon Ball
  • LOCATION: The Village (Garden)
  • STORY POINT: Collect Rose 2/4
  • INFO: You will need to traverse to the Garden of Beneviento. You can find the Sun and Moon Ball by a tree that has several graves around it, again in a chest.
  • #PUZZLE 2
  • LOCATION: The Village (Garden)
  • STORY POINT: Head to the Stronghold
  • UNLOCKED: Obtain Sun and Moon Ball
  • REWARD: Onyx Skull
  • INFO: Just a little North from the location that you found the Sun and Moon Ball you should find a Save Room, head inside.
  • Again we need to tilt the ball into the correct area but this time we have a different display model
  • This is actually an easy puzzle as you just need to roll the ball down the windy path. However, don’t go too fast otherwise the ball will fly off and you will need to try all over again

  • #3 (BALL)
  • BALL NAME: Mermaid Ball
  • LOCATION: The Village (Moreau’s Lab)
  • STORY POINT: Head to the Stronghold
  • INFO: You can find this one up the hill a bit until you reach a display box, the Mermaid Ball is in here
  • #PUZZLE 3
  • LOCATION: The Village (Moreau’s Lab)
  • STORY POINT: Head to the Stronghold
  • UNLOCKED: Obtain Mermaid Ball
  • REWARD: Chartreuse Skull
  • INFO: Just by the Beast and Save Point you can find this next puzzle to solve
  • Start by rolling the ball down from the Windmill and around to the left
  • Just tilt around from left to right and let the ball get a lift from the empty rotating wheel
  • Be careful as you continue on as some of the track is missing, to avoid the ball from dropping make sure to keep it as close to the rail as possible
  • The rest of the puzzle should be easy enough

  • #4 (BALL)
  • BALL NAME: Iron Horse Ball
  • LOCATION: Heisenberg Factory (Ventilation Duct)
  • STORY POINT: Escape the Factory
  • INFO: In the Ventilation Duct at Heisenberg’s Factory you should notice a separate section just before reaching the Grinder Shaft, go in here. Follow the room around and into the room opposite the Grinder Shaft, you should find the Ball Mold in the large chest, yes we are going to have to make this one… it is a factory after all, right?
  • With the Ball Mold you will want to make your way to the Factory Foundry
  • Use the Furnace in here to turn the Ball Mold into the Iron Horse Ball
  • #PUZZLE 4
  • LOCATION: Heisenberg’s Factory (B4)
  • STORY POINT: Escape the Factory
  • UNLOCKED: Obtain Iron Horse Ball
  • REWARD: Bister Skull
  • INFO: Head to B4 of the Heisenberg Factory, the Labyrinth Puzzle will then be marked on the map.
  • This one is slightly more trickier but thankfully it is also the last one too
  • Start off by rotating the ball from left to right so that it can pass through to the next floor
  • Slide the ball left so that it can then get pushed along by the large gear
  • Rotate it left all the way to the end of the path and then forward to the next floor
  • Before reaching the next floor though make sure that the ball lands in the Yellow Tram which moves along, so wait for it if you do not see it yet
  • Ride out of the Tram and continue on to your goal!


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