Resident Evil Village – Give Up Your Memories (House Beneviento Puzzle Riddle Solution) Guide

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As you continue through Resident Evil Village you will encounter the House Beneviento, this place has a bit of a mysterious and interesting aura about it.

Not only does the door to the place not come with a keyhole but it unlike the other doors requires a riddle to be solved in order to gain access to it.

Thankfully this riddle is rather easy to solve so let us begin…

  • When you first arrive you will be coming in from the Garden and will shortly be greeted by a grave
  • If you inspect the grave you can read that it belongs to -a Beneviento 1987 – 1996
  • Now go ahead and inspect the door
  • Here you can read the plaque next to the door which will read Give up your memories
  • If you haven’t clued in yet then all of this is of course a huge riddle and Give up your memories if the biggest hint
  • For those who cannot solve it themselves, then basically you can only open the door by inspecting the letter box and using the Family Photo

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