Resident Evil Village – Bell Puzzle (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Resident Evil Village consists of many different puzzles that you will need to solve in order to continue your adventures, one such puzzle is the Bell Puzzle

Bell Puzzle is a puzzle that resides in the Atelier (Castle) and it involves having to shoot and ignite several bells

Below is a quick guide on how to solve this one!

  • As you come across the giant chandelier in the middle of the room you will want to get out your Pistol and shoot it
  • Aim for the side of the chandelier as you don’t want to make it fall, instead you want it to simply swing
  • As the chandelier swings you will notice that a golden coloured bell is hidden inside
  • Shoot the golden coloured bell in order to ignite the chandelier
  • Now you can find yet another golden bell sitting on top of the shelving by the painting, again you want to shoot it
  • The bell will now ignite just like with the chandelier
  • The next bell can be a bit more trickier to actually spot, as for this one you will want to smash the glass across from the chandelier, by of course shooting at it
  • The bell is just beyond the window, again shoot it in order for it to ignite
  • As for the next bell.. well that is on the ground floor and hardly missable
  • Again shoot it or really I would personally just use the knife since it is in reach, you should now ignite it just like the others
  • This final bell can be found swinging on the gear cogs through the empty windows
  • Try to aim your shot and once again shoot the bell in order to ignite it

After successfully igniting all 5 bells the large painting should then reveal an escape route


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