(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Fornelias (Cryptid Boss – Frozen Epoch Lost Arts) Guide

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The Cryptid are considered as optional bosses that appear in the game from Chapter Act 2 onwards, they are very powerful but they are also useful too

When you defeat them they will drop a specific Lost Art which can be used through the orbment, their drawback is that they have the ability to consume your entire EP. However, each Lost Art comes with its own elemental ability and can be very deadly to foes and useful for you. Keep in mind though that they can only be used once per battle and can only be set to three out of seven elemental slots

This specific page is focused on defeating Fornelias who drops the Frozen Epoch. There is a total of 5 Cryptid bosses to be found and defeated throughout the game

  • CRYPTID BOSS: Fornelias
  • HP: 270000
  • DROPS: Zeram Powder, Frozen Epoch Lost Arts
  • LOCATION: Eerie Woods
  • DETAILS: Cryptid from another dimension. Greedily devours its prey whole, turning their mana into its life energy
  • For this fight my party consisted of Rean, Altina, Emma and Kurt though Kurt is optional and thus you can replace him with whoever you want. The other 3 however have their uses during this particular battle
  • Rean is the strongest in the party with his Demon Unchained ability and thus I used the same strategy with him as I did back when I fought Regulus Zamiel. Basically used Altina to help boost the party CP and when Rean reached 200CP I activated the Noble Ark order and unleashed as much damaged as possible to the boss
  • Altina is your healer and CP restore, basically your support member. Using her Artium Heal ability which can heal and restore CP.
  • Emma is a MASSIVE MUST to your party for this fight. Switching between either Crescent Mirror or Zodiac Force can make your entire party immune to just about anything that Fornelias throws at you
  • Kurt as I said before is completely optional and sometimes I ended up swapping him out for Musse, Musse can be good as a backup healer
  • As for the boss itself, as long as you keep either Crescent Mirror or Zodiac Force up it shouldn’t be difficult to breeze through the fight. Fornelias has only two major attacks that you need to really worry about.
  • One of the attacks is Diamond Nova which can do quite a bit of damage to your entire party if you are not protected. (Again this is why Emma is useful here)
  • Spirit Away is the other move that you might want to watch out for, when this happens the boss will cast Vanish on your party so be sure to bring some Vanish resistance accessories with you. Vanish is temporary and your team will rejoin you after a while but it can be annoying being a member of two short.
  • Other than that you shouldn’t really have any real problems…


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