Resident Evil Village – Reservoir Puzzle (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Resident Evil Village consists of many different puzzles that you will need to solve in order to continue your adventures, one such puzzle is the Reservoir Puzzle

Reservoir Puzzle is a puzzle that resides in the Moreau Village Reservoir area and it involves playing with wooden bridges

Below is a quick guide on how to solve this one!

STORY OBJECTIVE: Turn on the electricity to the sluice gate

  • As you approach the wooden walkway be sure to activate the nearby lever in order to actually raise the walkway and make it possible to actually walk on
  • As you approach the halfway point on this wooden walkway, you will reach the second lever. Be sure to flip it
  • After flipping the last lever another walkway will raise and it will reveal a third lever, again flip it
  • You will now be inside a small room with yet another lever, at this point you should know what to do.
  • Do the same with the next few levers too (yellow and then blue)
  • After activating the blue lever the wooden bridge will raise from the water again
  • Ignore all of the levers now and run all the way across the bridge walkway
  • You should now reach a lever switch that is on the walkway just before the bridge, activate this one instead
  • The next switch that you want to activate is the yellow one in the middle of the bridge walkway, this will now trigger another nearby wooden bridge.
  • Walk back across the wooden planks and when you reach the switch just before the yellow one you just activated, instead of heading left you now want to head right

You should now able to cross this walkway and progress with the game…


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