Saints Row (2022) – How To Change Day / Night Cycle Guide

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In the Saints Row (2022) reboot players will be able to toggle between either playing during the daytime or opting to play during the night. Sometimes this can be a great feature in terms of having a preference to playing during a certain period of the day.

Players might even be required to play during a certain period of time depending on their chosen activity requirements.

Thankfully the option to toggle between either day or night is indeed present within the game. It is also a really easy task to remedy too.

In order to cycle between both the night and day cycles you will have to make your way and travel to the nearest apartment or safe house.

Once you reach the safe house or apartment, whichever one best fits you and your current location. You will then want to take a nap. We can do this by interacting with the bed.

Once you have interacted with the bed the game will then switch to whichever cycle is next. We can keep doing this whenever we want to change between either day or night. Simple, right?


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