Saints Row (2022) – @TCHA Batter-Up Donuts (Side Hustle) Guide

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The Saints Row (2022) reboot has many available optional side hustle missions that players can unlock and take part in. One of which is @TCHA Batter-Up Donuts

The @TCHA Batter-Up Donuts is a side hustle that is part of the Mercado district. It requires players to help Sylvia with a social media campaign.

SIDE HUSTLE: @TCHA Batter-Up Donuts
REWARDS: Idol Twinkle Bat, New Weapon Patterns, Cash (10000) (Based on providing the lowest rating)

Head to Mercado and we can find Sylvia just outside of the public library. Apparently she wants us to leave a negative review on an app known as @TCHA.

Not only that but Sylvia also wants us to deal with some heavy hitters, who she mentions will react to our negative feedback.

Head to the location on the map (Batter Up Donuts). Here go ahead and interact with the display board to leave a review.

We will now be able to leave a review which will be out of 5 stars.

5 STAR = Good rating

4 STAR = Too many sprinkles

3 STAR = Sign looks like a creepy eye watching me.

2 STAR = Ordered donut holes. Got an empty box.

1 STAR = These donuts are a swing and a miss

Depending on what review you decided to go with we will need to try and survive an outrage. Defeat your enemy.


Kev’s friend Sylvia is an account manager for a marketing firm. She’s looking for some help with a social media campaign. Meet her by the public library in Mercado.

Leave a bad review for Batter Up Donuts and survive the fury of the idols. Give a low rating for a harder challenge and bigger cash and XP rewards.


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