Saints Row (2022) – Riding Shotgun (Side Hustle) Guide

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The Saints Row (2022) reboot has many available optional side hustle missions that players can unlock and take part in. One of which is Riding Shotgun

The Riding Shotgun is a side hustle that is part of the West Providencia district. It requires players to eliminate certain targets whilst riding shotgun

SIDE HUSTLE: Riding Shotgun
DISTRICT: East Providencia
REWARDS: $4,000 Cash, 1200 XP, New Weapon Patterns

Find and speak to Davey who will be standing next to an old shack building over in East Providencia. He will then mention an arms deal going down with Los Panteros. He will then admit that he needs help with it.

We will then automatically find ourselves inside a vehicle. After the game gives us tutorials on how to ride shotgun and climb the vehicle roof it will be time to escape from Los Panteros.

Soon enough the members of the Los Panteros will show up. Eliminate them all.

We can get bonuses by eliminating specific enemies, such as enemy drivers, tires, and eliminating enemies using the vehicle rooftop. These objectives are optional but they can supply some degree of challenge, for those that like that kind of thing.

A good way to get the bonus objectives is to remain on the vehicle roof. Though it does not supply any real form of cover, it does give you more room to allow yourself to therefore aim better at your targets.


Kev’s friend knows an arms dealer who needs someone to ride shotgun. Meet him behind a trailer in Rancho Providencia.


Kill Enemy Drivers 0/5

Shoot Out Enemy Tires 0/4

Kill Enemies from Rooftop 0/8


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