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Once you reach Phase 1 – Trusting The Path To The Future you will begin unlocking the various different optional side quests. These side quests are often then found on the map and appear as white little diamond shaped icons, once you have them accepted they then appear in the Story category in your menu section

One of the many different optional side quests that you can find and complete is Don’t Get Cocky. This involves searching for x2 Kikuchiba Environment C

  • NAME: Don’t Get Cocky
  • TYPE: Side Quest
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Phase 1 – Trusting The Path To The Future
  • CHARACTER: Yuito Sumeragi
  • LOCATION: Suoh City Ryujin Ward
  • QUEST GIVER: 566th Member
  • REWARDS: Oil-Proof Coating: Generic x1, Everyone’s Ally – Trophy Achievement
  • DESCRIPTION: Don’t get carried away just because you’re getting a little attention here. Why don’t you show me if you really deserve it
  • This side quest will become available after completing the Prologue – Reunion
  • From there head to the Suoh City Ryujin Ward – OSF entrance in order to find the 566th Member next to the save point
  • The 566th Member doesn’t seem to think much of us ‘recruits’ and thinks that we are getting more attention than we deserve
  • We need to prove to him that we mean business and in order to do this we need to find x2 Kikuchiba Environment C
  • Chances are with the last mission we already have these and so we basically just need to hand them over.
  • However, if for whatever reason you do not then we can start our search over at Kikuchiba – Mid-Level Shopping District
  • Now these Kikuchiba Environment C are literally everywhere, they are so easy to collect. In fact you can often find more than one of them in the same location, and to make matters even more simpler these are even marked on your map. If you are still clueless then look for the icons known as ‘Data Spot
  • However, since I’m a nice person I’ll also even show you where you can get them…
  • This one can be found next to an abandoned truck (Mid-Level Shopping District: Floor 1)
  • Do you have enough yet?… No, okay then how about this one?
  • The next one can be found South of the last collectible (Mid-Level Shopping District: Floor 1)
  • It is by an old abandoned white van
  • Surely we have enough now, right? .. Still no huh? You are beginning to pull my leg here, okay how about this..
  • You can find this next one on the Mid-Level Shopping District: Floor 2
  • It can be found behind a building
  • Now by this point we should have more than enough, we were only tasked with getting x2
  • So with that let us report the quest by going into the menu and then quests.


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