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When you arrive on Phase 2 – Broken, Scattered Days you will be able to purchase Gifts that you can then give to your companions in order to boost their character bonding.

These gifts are often exchanged for certain items at the store, when you manage to purchase one then you can give it to your companion by travelling to the Hideout

As the character bonding strengthens you will unlock new abilities such as increased SAS Recovery Speed and more!

Below is a simple guide on how to acquire the Duster Gift, this can then be given to Shiden Ritter

  • GIFT: Duster
  • CHARACTER: Shiden Ritter
  • PROTAGONIST: Kasane Randall
  • DESCRIPTION: This appliance consists of a strip of cloth or vinyl on the end of a stick. It can clean dust from furniture by using static electricity. Gentle use of the duster is more efficient than swinging it rapidly, spreading dust around.
  • MATERIALS NEEDED: Pendu-type Suppression x1, Kikuchiba Environment B
  • GUIDE:


  • In order to acquire a Pendu-type Suppression we are obviously going to need to find a Pendu-type monster
  • Thankfully we can find a few over at the Kunad Highway – Suoh Exit
  • The Pendu here are known as Bandaeu Pendu but any Pendu will work for this, so if you manage to find any elsewhere that is fine. You can find a list of locations within the game menu, just search for the ‘Enemies’ section
  • Once you have found your Pendu of choosing, simply defeat it. It needs to drop a Pendu-type Suppression. If it does not then leave the area altogether and return, this way the enemy will then respawn


  • The other material that we need in order to acquire the Duster is a Kikuchiba Environment B
  • These can be found in Kikuchiba, I managed to acquire it in the Sub Level Underground Facility – Floor 2
  • Simply look for a shiny white rotating item, these are what usually hold the item we need. However, some of them may contain other Environment type items and not the Environment B, it is basically random unless you know where to look.
  • However, if you follow the map above you should find the Kikuchiba Environment B. The good thing about these is that once you have found what you are looking for they do not change, plus on top of that they can even respawn too. So even if you have been to the area in the map above chances are it has since respawned. Making this a great way to farm these items

  • After acquiring everything you need be sure to purchase the Duster from the shop and give it to Shiden back at the Hideout


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