Scarlet Nexus – Septention Data Collection (Gift Exchange) Guide

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When you arrive on Phase 2 – Broken, Scattered Days you will be able to purchase Gifts that you can then give to your companions in order to boost their character bonding.

These gifts are often exchanged for certain items at the store, when you manage to purchase one then you can give it to your companion by travelling to the Hideout

As the character bonding strengthens you will unlock new abilities such as increased SAS Recovery Speed and more!

(NOTE: The Environment Data has the ability to respawn allowing players to farm as much as they want, simply leave the area altogether and return to have it respawn)

Below is a simple guide on how to acquire the Septention Data Collection Gift, this can then be given to Shiden Ritter

  • GIFT: Septention Data Collection
  • CHARACTER: Shiden Ritter
  • PROTAGONIST: Kasane Randall
  • DESCRIPTION: This databook is a collection of information on OSF Septentrions. It’s not official OSF PR, but a fanzine run by Septention fans. The latest edition contains rigorous investigations, objective viewpoints and is treated as a semi-formal publication
  • MATERIALS NEEDED: Rat Rut Analysis x1, Abandoned Subway Environment B x1
  • GUIDE:


  • You can begin your search for the Abandoned Subway Environment B by heading to the Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9
  • There are actually multiple locations in which you can find the Abandoned Subway Environment B
  • However, one such location is the area after the boss fight (Osukuni Station). Simply keep an eye on the left side to find a set of steps you can go down
  • The Abandoned Subway Environment B can be found down here


  • As for the Rat Rut Analysis, that will of course drop from a Rat Rut enemy
  • Rat Rut enemies can be found in various different places, one such place is the Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9
  • Simply find and defeat the foe and hope that it drops a Rat Rut Analysis. It doesn’t matter what kind of Analysis but if it doesn’t drop feel free to leave the area altogether and return in order for the enemy to respawn


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