Scarlet Nexus – Tortoise Shell Glasses (Gift Exchange) Guide

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When you arrive on Phase 2 – Broken, Scattered Days you will be able to purchase Gifts that you can then give to your companions in order to boost their character bonding.

These gifts are often exchanged for certain items at the store, when you manage to purchase one then you can give it to your companion by travelling to the Hideout

As the character bonding strengthens you will unlock new abilities such as increased SAS Recovery Speed and more!

(NOTE: The Environment Data has the ability to respawn allowing players to farm as much as they want, simply leave the area altogether and return to have it respawn)

Below is a simple guide on how to acquire the Tortoise Shell Glasses Gift, this can then be given to Shiden Ritter

  • GIFT: Tortoise Shell Glasses
  • CHARACTER: Shiden Ritter
  • PROTAGONIST: Kasane Randall
  • DESCRIPTION: These popular plastic-framed glasses have a whitethorn tortoiseshell pattern. They come with a leather glasses case. They can be used as a personal joke item or have lenses put in and used for real. You can have the lenses exchanged for ones that suit you later
  • MATERIALS NEEDED: x1 Paws-type Suppression, x1 Kikuchiba Environment B
  • GUIDE:


  • Whilst you can exchange items and materials for these Tortoise Shell Glasses, you can also luck out and find them too
  • One such location that has these glasses is in the Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9 and then heading to the Inside Abandoned Line
  • The glasses can then be found in one of those green item boxes
  • Then from there just head to the Hideout and give them to Ritter
  • Unfortunately unlike with the Environmental Data boxes, these green boxes do not respawn. So once you have collected the item from it that is it.


  • The Kikuchiba Environment B can be found scattered all over Kikuchiba
  • One such area that contains a Kikuchiba Environment B is the Floor 2 of the Sub Level Underground Facility


  • In order to acquire a Paws-type Suppression you will need to take down a Vase Paws
  • Vase Paws can reside in several different locations, one of which is Kikuchiba.
  • In fact if you head to Kikuchiba – Upper Level Construction Site the Vase Paws should be the first set of enemies that you come across
  • Anyway find them and defeat them. In order to be able to purchase the Tortoise Shell Glasses you will need the Vase Paws to drop a Paws-type Suppression
  • If the Vase Paws fail to drop a Paws-type Suppression then simply leave Kikuchiba altogether and then return in order for the enemy to respawn


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