Scarlet Nexus – Wheels Gone Wild (5 Enemies 1 Bus) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Wheels Gone Wild is a trophy achievement that can be unlocked as early as Phase 3, it can also be done on either protagonist

The trophy achievement has you using your psychokinesis abilities in order to control and ride a vehicle. Now not all vehicles can be ridden or controlled, thus you need to make sure you are in the correct location.

From there simply run over a minimum of 5 Others in order for the trophy achievement to unlock

  • TROPHY ACHIEVEMENT: Wheels Gone Wild
  • CHAPTER: Phase 3
  • CHARACTER: Both. Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall
  • GUIDE:
  • This trophy achievement can be unlocked when you arrive at the Kunad Highway during Phase 3
  • From there head to the Junction
  • Here you should notice a conveniently placed Bus
  • Use your psychokinesis on this Bus in order to begin controlling it. This needs to be done with the L1 button rather than R2 (Playstation)
  • The character will then jump on top of this bus and begin riding it
  • You can move the Bus using the analogue sticks, you can, and really only need to, move left and right. Also, be aware that there is no reversing so be careful not to bump into a wall or something before taking out the required number of enemies
  • On the subject of moving be sure to hit the L2 (Playstation) when you are amongst enemies to actually cause an AOE damage effect. Don’t do what I did and wait until it is too late and, simply put, do no damage at all. This is optional and whilst we are here and if any more enemies are still around, it is always good to add the bit extra damage.
  • Also, try to drive down the road on the right as that is where the majority of enemies reside. You should hit all 5 enemies just by going down this hill alone
  • Hopefully if timed and done correctly the trophy achievement should then pop!


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