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Once you reach Phase 1 – Trusting The Path To The Future / Phase 1 – Searching For Freedom you will begin unlocking the various different optional side quests. These side quests are often then found on the map and appear as white little diamond shaped icons, once you have them accepted they then appear in the Story category in your menu section

One of the many different optional side quests that you can find and complete is Surprise Test!. This involves having to defeat 2 Vase Paws whilst in mid-air

  • NAME: Surprise Test!
  • TYPE: Side Quest
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Phase 2 – Days Of Disquieting Stagnation, Phase 2: Broken, Scattered Days
  • CHARACTER: Yuito Sumeragi, Kasane Randall
  • LOCATION: Suoh City Ryujin Ward
  • QUEST GIVER: Examiner
  • REWARDS: Light Jelly x3
  • NEXT: Surprise Test Cont..
  • DESCRIPTION: Let me see if you’re keeping up with your training. You should be able to handle a mission like this with ease.
  • In order to unlock this side quest you will need to head to the entrance to the OSF base, here you will find the Examiner (If you are playing as Kasane the Examiner will also be outside of the OSF base, same location)
  • The Examiner is worried that you are slacking in your training and thus has a request for you.
  • You will be required to defeat 2 Vase Paws whilst in mid-air
  • Okay with that lets travel to the Kikuchiba – Upper Level Construction Site
  • Here you will instantly find the enemy you are looking for, the Vase Paws.
  • That is great, it didn’t take long to find them. However, we now need to make sure we defeat them whilst in mid-air
  • So chip away at their health and when they are about dead hit both the X and Circle (Playstation) in order to launch them into the air.
  • From there simply continue to hit them until they are a pair of broken vases
  • NOTE: Since the Vase Paws are accompanied by other enemies here it may be best to lure them down the nearby stairs, away from potential interruption.
  • Anyway with that the side quest should then end. If you happen to fail for whatever reason then leave Kikuchiba altogether and then return here and try again.
  • Don’t forget to report the side quest via the quest menu once you are done.


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