Scarlet Nexus – Trouble With Fire (Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach Phase 1 – Trusting The Path To The Future you will begin unlocking the various different optional side quests. These side quests are often then found on the map and appear as white little diamond shaped icons, once you have them accepted they then appear in the Story category in your menu section

One of the many different optional side quests that you can find and complete is Trouble With Fire. This involves having to use SAS pyrokinesis to defeat 2 Fuel Pool

  • NAME: Trouble With Fire
  • TYPE: Side Quest
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Phase 2 – Days Of Disquieting Stagnation
  • CHARACTER: Yuito Sumeragi
  • LOCATION: Suoh City Ryujin Ward
  • QUEST GIVER: City Equipment Maintenance Head
  • REWARDS: Prometheus Torch Type 2
  • DESCRIPTION: You know there are some Others that can burn up easily? I can’t stand thinking of those things coming into the city and catching fire.
  • You can unlock this side quest during Phase 2 – Days Of Disquieting Stagnation
  • However, you might find it difficult to complete straight away. The reason for this is because we need to perform a SAS pyrokinesis and that you see is a problem, we cannot perform this ourselves and we won’t have someone who can in our party until much later in the story.
  • Still head to Suoh City Ryujin Ward and speak to the City Equipment Maintenance Head to unlock it, at least we can do that.
  • From there continue the story until you reach Phase 3 – Inside Upside Down Reality. At this point Hanabi Ichijo will join our party, and this is the earliest point of the game in which we can continue with this side quest
  • Okay with that let us head to Kikuchiba – Upper Level Construction Site and find those Fuel Pools
  • Continue up the steps here and ignore the enemies as these are basic trash and we don’t need them right now.
  • However, once at the top you should then bump into the enemies that we do need, the Fuel Pools
  • In order to active the SAS pyrokinesis you need to hold down the R1 and either press the Triangle, Circle, X or Square (depending on what you have the options set to). The default option is to press R1 and X
  • Then just go crazy until you have completed the side quest


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