Scarlet Nexus – Collecting Donations (Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach Phase 1 – Searching For Freedom you will begin unlocking the various different optional side quests. These side quests are often then found on the map and appear as white little diamond shaped icons, once you have them accepted they then appear in the Story category in your menu section

One of the many different optional side quests that you can find and complete is Collecting Donations. This involves having to Deliver 2 Medium Jelly

  • NAME: Collecting Donations
  • TYPE: Side Quest
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Phase 2 – Broken, Scattered Days
  • CHARACTER: Kasane Randall
  • LOCATION: Suoh City Ryujin Ward
  • QUEST GIVER: Sumeragi Tomb Administrator
  • REWARDS: Bunny Ear Device (Black)
  • DESCRIPTION: We are currently taking donations for medical supplies to help injured OSF members. Would you be interested in donating? You’ll receive a special reward if you donate now
  • Head to Suoh City Ryujin Ward – Sumeragi Tomb Grounds and speak to the Sumeragi Tomb Administrator
  • Here you will learn that the Sumeragi Tomb is currently accepting donations to help injured OSF members
  • We will now be required to get 2 Medium Jelly
  • Getting the Medium Jelly isn’t too difficult, in fact there are several ways in which we can get it


  • One of our many options is to complete a side quest. This side quest is known as Surprise Test Cont..
  • The rewards for completing it is actually x3 Medium Jelly
  • The side quest is also available on the same day as unlocking this one, so it works out really


  • We can always try our luck with the various green items that are scattered all over the place
  • These green glowing items often contain Medium Jelly. However, they sometimes also contain other items too like normal Jelly. As you can probably tell this option will be a bit of a grind.


  • When you finally reach Phase 6 – To Get Back What’s Important you will have the ability to purchase Medium Jelly
  • Don’t worry just because you have continued the story since you unlocked the side quest does not mean you cannot complete it. As long as the side quest appears in your quest menu you can then complete it on Phase 6 instead.
  • You can purchase the Medium Jelly for 300


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