Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – Crime and Punishment (All Secrets) Guide

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In Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem there are a total of 5 chapters that contain a wide range of hidden secrets and collectibles. Getting them all will net you with the Sam the Explorer and No Stone Unturned trophy achievement

This page will be covering Chapter 5: Crime and Punishment, which contains 15 collectible secrets altogether.

  • SECRET 1/15: Depot – At the YCTNHOB building turn and head right, towards the lone green train. The first collectible can be found behind the stone structure
  • SECRET 2/15: Ammo Depot – The next collectible can be found behind another stone structure, north of the last one.
  • SECRET 3/15: Ammo Depot – This can be found inside one of the ground floor rooms of the YCTNHOB building.
  • SECRET 4/15: Hoverboard Scooter – To the side of the YCTNHOB building there will be a ledge you can climb up to. The collectible on the roof of the building.
  • SECRET 5/15: Relaxed Biomech – Head towards the quest marker, if you keep an eye on the right side you should encounter a burnt and abandoned truck. Next to this truck is a door, go through here.
  • SECRET 6/15: Hoverboard Scooter – Head towards the Ferris wheel and you will come across a petrol station. The collectible is on the rooftop, use the gas cannister to reach it.
  • SECRET 7/15: Ammo Depot – From the last collectible head into the fenced off area and continue right to find a closed gate, there are multiple collectibles here.
  • SECRET 8/15: Kamikaze Trap – Next to the last area there will be an area that has been cordoned off with a wall. The collectible is here.
  • SECRET 9/15: The Warp – Continue to follow the main quest marker. Then at the damaged bridge, drop down to the path below. The collectible is behind the bridge pillars
  • SECRET 10/15: T.A.C.T – From the last collectible continue on along the water to reach another bridge, follow this bridge to reach the town. The collectible is behind the truck
  • SECRET 11/15: Trap – Continue towards the quest marker, you will end up finding a factory building on the right. The collectible is in here, in the corner of the building and wall.
  • SECRET 12/15: Hoverboard Scooter – Follow the quest marker out of the factory area, there should be a vehicle here and a patch of ice and snow. Cross this ice and snow to reach the water and the collectible
  • SECRET 13/15: Evil Plan – Head back across the icy snowy patch and turn and head right towards a gate. Next to this gate is a pipe leading up a hill, follow it. Jump down the dark hole and follow the path.
  • SECRET 14/15: Rage Serum – Head to a collection of abandoned vehicle with a path leading towards a factory building. Follow this path to reach the collectible at the end.
  • SECRET 15/15: Classic Arena – When you reach an enclosed area with various white buildings, keep following the path and to the right there should be a set of garages. There should be an entrance into the garages, head inside. Once inside destroy the wooden planks. Take the ladder down.


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