Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – Roadside Picnic (All Secrets) Guide

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In Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem there are a total of 5 chapters that contain a wide range of hidden secrets and collectibles. Getting them all will net you with the Sam the Explorer and No Stone Unturned trophy achievement

This page will be covering Chapter 4: Roadside Picnic, which contains 16 collectible secrets altogether.

  • SECRET 1/16: Hoverboard Scooter – During the mission you will find yourself on top of a bridge, if you head under it and begin climbing across the water. You should then come across this first collectible.
  • SECRET 2/16: Hut On Chicken Legs – From the last collectible head towards the quest marker and keep to the left, towards the cliffside. Here there will be a hidden passage, this is where the collectible resides.
  • SECRET 3/16: T.A.C.T – Keep following the quest marker until you reach the tank vehicle, here use the crates in order to reach the rooftop. The collectible is up here.
  • SECRET 4/16: Ammo Depot – When the mission objective updates from Keep heading south, you should arrive at an abandoned building. Just behind the building there will be a wooden floor, break through it.
  • SECRET 5/16: AutoShotgun – Unlock the Alpha and Omega optional objective, follow the objective through a tunnel. When you reach a room full of cardboard boxes, blow them up and head down the hole in the ground. Complete the puzzle to reap your rewards.
  • SECRET 6/16: Beheaded Party – Return back out of this area but stay in the tunnels. Continuing past the cardboard box room, keep following the optional marker. Ignore the stairs, hit the button to call the elevator.
  • SECRET 7/16: Ammo Depot – Keep following the optional quest marker and ride the next elevator down, there will be a gate on the right. Jump over this gate to reach this next one.
  • SECRET 8/16: Guitar of God – Eventually you will come across a dead end area, here there will be multiple boxes, chairs, even a hanging tapestry. However, more importantly there will be a guitar, interact with the guitar and it should fly off.
  • SECRET 9/16: Armor – From the guitar continue on and keep to the right, the armor is hiding behind a building.
  • SECRET 10/16: Ammo Depot – Keep following the quest marker and you will arrive at a rail track. The collectible is next to this track, by the train and crate boxes.
  • SECRET 11/16: Hoverboard Scooter – Head towards the quest marker, you want to be on the roof of the nearby building. You can do this by performing some platform jumps on the white rails.
  • SECRET 12/16: Hacked Drone – Keep following the quest marker and head right to find a white truck. The collectible hides amongst a bunch of cardboard boxes
  • SECRET 13/16: Classic Arena – Again head towards the quest marker until you find an abandoned train to the left. Near this train is a wall you can demolish
  • SECRET 14/16: Hacked Drone – From the last collectible head towards the green train, this drone can be found by the wall next to it.
  • SECRET 15/16: Armor – Follow the quest marker through the small tunnel, you will then spot a bunch of cardboard boxes. The armor can be found amongst these boxes.
  • SECRET 16/16: Ammo Depot – When you are tasked with moving the containers off the rails, the collectible can the be found in the corner by a building.


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