(SH3) Shenmue III : Bell Tower Puzzle (Bailu Village) Story Guide

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The Bell Tower is yet another puzzle relating to the story within Bailu Village, this time it involves Tokens and pictures. Now this one can be quite straightforward and the game actually tells you what to do if you do end up struggling.

However, the second part to this puzzle may not be as easily broken down and thus here we are to help out!

The Bell Tower is the final step in Bailu Village before saying a fond farewell to everyone here. However, before we can actually leave we need to solve the very last set of puzzles. 

Thankfully we should already have the important and essential set of items that we need for this section and thus below I’ll simply jot down the answers as to what slot these Tokens should be inserted into. This of course is only the first step of this Bell Tower but slow and steady wins the race as they say..

* Fist Slot – Fist Token
* Phoenix Slot – Dragon Token
* Turtle Slot – Bird Token
* Shield Slot – Sword Token
* Moon Slot – Moon Token
* Food Slot – Liquor Token

Okay with that part now hopefully solved we can now move onto the final step to this Bell Tower, I did say there was another part, right?
Don’t worry the next part is quite simple too in all honesty and once again the game tells you the answer, well in its own way at least ha!

Okay lets move on..

So you now have some ladders or steps lowered for you to move even higher in this Tower and here is your next puzzle, this time you have a Wheel Repository to play around with. First off you will need to examine all of the different pictures on the pillar and upon doing so, you’ll notice that the pictures correspond to the slots and tokens you just inserted. However, the main picture you want to examine is the one of the Dragon which is on its own.

Now the real puzzle begins, or rather the last puzzle in this Tower anyway. Also, do not worry if you get lost or stuck on how to turn this device as you’ll then be able to use the small piece of paper you picked up back at Elder Yeh’s place. This little piece of paper actually tells you the answer to the puzzle.

However, if you still do not understand it then look at the piece of paper more harder. See those diamond shapes? there are four parts to it and only one of them is coloured black, well this actually corresponds to the PS4 controller, now you should know the answer..
If not I’ll jot it down for you, the correct way to turn the device is as follows:

Circle – Left
Circle – Left 
Circle – Left
Square – Right
Square – Right
Square – Right
Circle – Left
Circle – Left 

You should now officially be done with the Bell Tower now, congratulations!

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