(SH3) Shenmue III : All 6 Token Locations (Elder Yeh – Story) Guide

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During your adventures in Shenmue III you will encounter a section where you will need to find 6 different Tokens in order to progress the story.

These will all be within Elder Yeh’s house, however due to how many objects you can hunt through it can and may take a while to find all six of them so here we are, let us begin shall we?

Wow for an individual Elder Yeh definitely has a lot of stuff in her house, so where shall we begin? Hmm.. well it actually doesn’t matter what order you collect the Tokens in as long as you find them all.

Thus I’ll simply jot down where they all are instead:

Alcohol Token – Next to the door. In the bottom cabinet with some shoes in.
Dragon Token – Top right corner or North East from the door, you will need to move furniture out of the way in order to access this area. It hides in a bottom cabinet
Crane Token – Next to the cabinet where you found the Dragon Token, it is inside the drawer. 
Sword Token – There is a drawer next to a cabinet. It is opposite where you found the Dragon Token. It’s in the third drawer down.
Fist Token – In the cabinet next to the Sword Token. 
* Moon Token – Out from the North East corner of the room now and to the left side of the furnishings. This one is inside a bottom cupboard next to the orange pots/food. 

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