(SH3) Shenmue III : Lao Jiu (50 Year Old Liquor) Location Guide

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Finding the 50yr old Lao Jiu is a requirement to continue the story. It eventually leads you to Tao’s shop, though the actual liquor is inside this building it can become somewhat of a headache trying to find it.

There are so many different items and objects to look through, that it can take quite a bit of time to actually find it. However, we have you covered!

So there are countless places that it can be and the shop owner isn’t exactly helping by sitting there and proving no clues whatsoever. We really are alone in hunting this down, there are just so many different liquor bottles to look through that it could be any one of these.. hmm..

Well actually the liquor is hiding in the most bizarre of places and thus that is why this makes things rather difficult. Well I say bizarre but it may actually be a safer place for something so rare and old. 

Okay, well the answer to its location is actually in one of the baskets, it is hidden inside the basket in the North East of the door, in the corner. It is the only white large liquor bottle in this basket but something that size I’d be surprised if you could fit anything else in there to be honest.

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