(SH3) Shenmue III : Xu’s House (All Clues Found) Guide

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During your adventures in Shenmue III you will be tasked on searching Xu’s house for clues as to what the thugs may of been wanting. 

As you can see the house is a complete mess and thus it may prove difficult to find what you are looking for. What also doesn’t really help is that they are kind of hidden away too and you will need to find at least two different clues in order to progress..

Now it doesn’t matter what clue you find first but at the end of the day you will need both regardless. Now I’m going to just be plain and simple as no doubt you will be eager to press on anyway. Thus lets find them, shall we?

The first clue can be found in the left side of the room (you will need to move the chairs out of the way to be able to access the room), also to help find these clues you will need to press and hold the zoom button (whichever button that is for the system you are on).
This helps locate objects such as clues much more easier.

Okay once you have moved the chairs and gained access to the left side of the room, the first clue will be hidden under the fallen folding screen (Name List).

As for the second one, this one is back in the right side of the house so traverse back there. Now here you should find a worker’s bench and a cabinet right next to it. 
Inside the bottom left of this said cabinet is a small photo and clue number 2 (Picture). That should conclude your search. There is a small toy for a kid in here too, on the left side of the house laying on the floor.
If you give the kid in blue this toy you will be rewarded with a food piece that can restore quite a bit of health, however the toy is not required for the story. It is purely optional. 

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