(SH3) Shenmue III : Fabled Fabric Finder (Side Quest) Guide

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Fabled Fabric Finder is yet another side quest found within Bailu Village, it requires you to hunt down and collect a certain piece of fabric.

This quest isn’t too difficult as long as you know where to find this specific piece of fabric, in order to trigger it however you will need to speak to Ding Jinqin at the Panda Market place, he is the Pawn seller.

Turns out that Ding is a fan of material and fibres and thus wants a specific piece and that is where you come in, now in order to find this specific piece of material you will need to go and speak to Ye Zijuan over at Rainbow Basin.

Now I’m not sure if you need to save Shenhua’s friend from the Hermit Village in order to trigger this or not as she in my game speaks and thanks Ryo for saving him, I may be wrong though.

Anyway she has the material you are looking for and thus with material in hand you can report back to Ding and finish off the quest. 

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