(SH3) Shenmue III : Ghost Buster Request (Side Quest) Guide

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Ghost Buster Request is yet another side quest that is available from Bailu Village, it requires you to hunt down an apparent Ghost in the Abandoned Temple.

To trigger the side quest you must speak to Lihong and Meiling over at the Sunflower area.

Eep seems like there are ghosts about, after speaking to the two kids you will discover that you need to wait until after 7pm in order to continue this quest, thus you can always go and do other errands until then I guess.

Once 7pm or later arrives you can then continue on with the quest, head to the Abandoned Temple where you will once again see Sun Jiusi just sat there doing what he does best drinking and eating, thankfully we do not need to bring any Wine or Buns with us this time.

Speak to Sun and you will discover that there are no ghosts at all, instead it is just Sun playing around with his stick of fire in order to search for specific mushrooms. In order for him to stop this and stop scaring the kids he will require you to harvest some of these Mushrooms, you will need to get them all in order to progress otherwise he will be dissatisfied you with. So collect as many as possible before once again returning to him, it will need to still be dark in order to continue this quest unfortunately..

​Once he is satisfied with your progress in hunting down Mushrooms you can then return to the kids (during the day) and complete this quest. 

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