(SH3) Shenmue III : Herb Locations Guide (Bailu & Niaowu) Wild Wild Plant Hoarder Trophy Achievement Guide

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This is probably the most tiresome side activity and trophy achievement that you can unlock, simply because it is the most time consuming.

For this one you will be tasked with having to find all of the different plants that are scattered around the area, some of which are next to impossible to find.

There are maps near general stores but you will most likely get confused as to how to actually read them.

The amount and what plant you will need to find can be found in the Menu – Herb Sets, also yes you will need to pluck the amount that the game tells you, picking one up sadly doesn’t qualify for this *sigh*

Anyway there is a total of over 200 Herbs in total to be found and collected, this is separated into two different areas; Bailu Village and Niaowu.

Below is a few videos (thanks to: AmericaMaskGamerTV) of where the Herbs can be found in both Bailu and Niaowu



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