(SH3) Shenmue III : The Greatest Fortune (Side Quest) Guide

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The Greatest Fortune is yet another side quest within Niaowu, this time it involves you having to speak to a Fortune Teller. This Fortune Teller speaks of a great prophecy near New Paradise.

In order to activate this quest however, you will need to speak to this Teller over near the Whole Greens store, and her name is Shi Jiesheng. 

So apparently there is a great prophecy at New Paradise, perhaps we will make a mass fortune there? I mean it is where all of the Gambling occurs, so who knows right?

So lets head there and check it out! The exact spot in regards to where you actually need to be is the Ice Cream store. Here you should notice some rather shady guys sitting at this very store.
Speak to these rather shady guys to discover that they are having girlfriend problems and are jealous about Ryo and Shenhua. The end result will lead to a fight and you need to win it in order to progress.

Upon winning the fight you can then report back to Jiesheng to end the quest. 

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