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The Stolen Sutra side quest is yet another side quest within Niaowu, this time it involves a stolen Sutra and apparently the Red Snakes are at the forefront of it all.

Lin Shiling at Liu Jiao Shrine will be the person you will want to talk to in order to activate this one. She is the young woman who is often found sweeping the temple floors. 

This one is perhaps a straightforward side quest and the game basically tells you where to go in order to complete it. However, what you need to do is firstly speak to Lin and then find Ren who is often seen walking the paths of the Golden Goose in New Paradise. Ren will mention that the Sutra has mostly likely been pawned off at a nearby Pawn Shop, so our next objective is to head for a Pawn Shop.

The Pawn Shop you actually want is known as Cash First Pawnshop and resides near the stalls and Medical Centre. Inside here you can speak to the assistant and find out that he does indeed have the sutra but as his shop implies, he requires you hand over some money before he will give it to you, 200 yuan to be exact.

You don’t have much of a choice but to pay up, sadly. Once you have paid him the money he will then happily give the stolen goods back to you and thus you can then take it back to Lin in order to complete the quest. 

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