(SH3) Shenmue III : Niaowu Tour (Side Quest) Guide

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The Niaowu Tour is yet another side quest that resides within Niaowu, this time it requires you to find all 6 pennant flags that are scattered all around town.

Considering how vast the town actually is, this can perhaps cause some minor headaches in trying to find them all and thus here we are!

The flags are rather cute and feature a picture of a small duck, which perhaps is the town’s mascot? Anyway lets proceed, you will need to find all 6 of these cute little flags and thankfully none of them are that well hidden, it only took me a few minutes to find them all.

However, I’ll jot down their locations regardless..

  • Flag 1: At the harbour on the large pier at the end. Opposite the fishing shop
  • Flag 2: Find the Buddha Heaven shop (which is the area you originally found Ren in). Here you will find this one.
  • Flag 3: In the story you should of encountered a girl who tried to hit poor Ryo with a broom, head here. It is on the same road as Duck Heaven. 
  • Flag 4: In the temple (the same area as Flag 3). If you work your way through the red temples and the furthest one will have this Flag.
  • Flag 5: In New Paradise next to the Golden Goose.
  • Flag 6: Head toward Liu He Hall where you originally found Hsu, the Flag is right next to this place. 

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