(SH3) Shenmue III : Makeover Girl (Side Quest) Guide

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Makeover Girl is yet another side quest that resides within Niaowu, this time you are required to track down a girl who is willing to get a new hairstyle from the Hair Salon. 

Now the game already hints as to where you need to go to look for a girl but since there are so many possible candidates still, here is a guide on what exactly you are meant to do.

So the guy needs a person to test a new hairstyle on, hmm.. Well we already have a clue as to where to start looking and that is the New Paradise, which is the area with the mini games and Gambling so head there. 

Hmm okay hopefully you have managed to make it to your destination, problem is there is a lot of people here. Thankfully though if you walk near a possible candidate the icon on the bottom right will sound. However, this actually happens to all of the girls in this area even the wrong ones. So we need to find the correct girl in order to progress but who exactly is the correct person? hmm..

Well the correct person is actually usually always found standing looking at the nearby table that compromises of several photos, she will be wearing a white flowered dress and her name will be Myao

Talk to her and you will be able to finish the quest.

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