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The Troubled Drug Store is yet another side quest within Niaowu, this time it involves having to hunt down several different Herbs. These Herbs can be tricky to find too, though if you keep speaking to Mr Pan he will give you hints to their locations.

In order to activate this quest though, however you will need to speak to Mr Pan who resides at the Healthy Drug Store

I personally disliked collecting Herbs in this game, thus I ended up resenting this quest somewhat. Anyway, forget that and lets press on shall we?

So apparently we need to collect three different Herbs so Mr Pan can concoct a specific medicine. You will need one of the following Herbs:

x1 Huang Qin Root
x1 Coptis Root
x1 Da Huang Root Stalk

Also, you may of collected some of these Herbs before but guess what, it doesn’t matter as those do not count towards the quest and thus you will need to find and collect them once again. Did I already mention I hated collecting Herbs in this game? 

Thankfully I did manage to find at least two of them rather quickly and the hints that Mr Pan gave did not really help much as I never managed to find any Herbs where he says they are. 

Where I managed to find some of these Herbs (Huang Qin Root and Coptis Root) was within the Duck Heaven area. Head there and hopefully you will end up finding them too.

As for the Da Huang Root Stalk, that one was much more tricky as it doesn’t even feature in your Herb menu, thus it was obviously a side quest specific herb and I only managed to find it in one spot. 
That spot was nowhere near where Mr Pan hinted it would be neither, thus I somehow managed to spend a grand total of 3-in game days and 2-real life days trying to track it down. Again did I already mention how I hate hunting for Herbs in this game?

Anyway the last Herb (Da Huang Root Stalk) resides within the little area next to Hotel Niaowu, there should be a small metal gate near the Hotel and next to a rock in this area should be the Root Stalk.

Once you have managed to collect all three Herbs you can report back to Mr Pan in order to complete the quest. 

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