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The whole dlc is all about playing about with Chawan Signs which is basically a reference to Shenmue II, so I hope you like playing with cups! ha!

Anyway in order to trigger the dlc you will first off need to be in Niaowu, which for those wondering is the second location in the game.
From there you will need to speak to Mr Zhang (the guy in the above picture), he will be dressed in a brown suit and sitting just outside of the Niaowu Hotel.

Speak to him to learn about Chawan Signs, here we go the most exciting part of the dlc! playing with cups!
Basically you will be given a sheet of paper which will indicate how the cups needs to be positioned and you will also be given several different locations in order to pull off these signs, however there are many places in which you can pull off these signs but only one of which will be the correct location, confusing right?

Anyway lets get on with it. After speaking with Zhang you will be given your first Chawan Sign sheet and our first goal is to find the correct location to pull this off at.
For those struggling the correct location is actually the area where you first encounter Ren and where the Bauble shop is. 

If you head down the small flight of steps you will encounter several tables and one of which will have a row of cups on it, we want to examine these cups in order to be able to progress.
You can always refer to the bit of paper that Zhang gave you if you forget what position the cups need to be in, however it should look something like this..

Once you have the cups correctly positioned you will then want to select the ‘Wait’ option, and then someone should hopefully give you a small piece of paper with a clue as to where to go next. (Store Layout)

Hmm, now where can this little drawing be referencing too? It does seem pretty vague doesn’t it?
Well the answer to this is actually the restaurant known as Chicken Emperor and its by the store that has several books inside it

Inside here you will need to speak with a man in orange who introduces himself as Wai YangFeng.
You will now need to wait for your next contact who will be at the same spot next to the hotel. Your next contact is actually Wai YangFeng and thankfully I at least, didn’t have to wait long for him to show.
Turns out that Zhang has gone missing and no one knows where he could of disappeared to, agree to help him look for Zhang.

Here you will want to head for the multi-coloured Umbrella tables close to where you first discovered Wai and speak to a woman named Bao Huiying and its here where you will find out about a gang known as the Blue Spiders

You will now want to head to the area near the Ice Cream store and Pharmacy in order to speak to a man named Lu Jiayi, it seems that Zhang may of been dragged away by a bunch of thugs, the Blue Spiders maybe? hmm..

You will now need to report your findings to Mr Wei who is back at the Hotel, you will now be given your next Chawan Sign.

The correct location in order to pull of the next Sign is the same place you originally found Lu Jiayi and right next to the Burger Shop

You will now be given another note ‘Blue Spider’ which will tell you of a back alley, which is possibly their hideout but first we need to report our findings to Mr Wei who is of course back at the Hotel.

Our next destination is back where you originally met Ren in the main game’s story and/or where you acquired the Store Layout note, behind this area is the back alley you want near a yellow fenced off sign.

Here you will meet some rather familiar faces and be forced into a fight, so give them the beat down!

You will now need to wait again and meet your next contact by the Hotel once again. Your contact this time will be a different person and will go by the name of, Mai who apparently works for Mr Zhang.
Turns out that not only has Zhang gone missing so too has Mr Wei, perhaps those thugs you just dealt with kidnapped him? Who knows? Lets find out shall we?..

Anyway start by agreeing to help out Mr Mai and you’ll be given your next Chawan Sign, back to the cups we go!

For this one you will want to head to the Gambling Area and to the place where you can exchange your winnings with various different items (it is opposite the Riverside Bar).

Your reward for completing this one is yet another Chawan Sign, oh joy! We always wanted one of those! Anyway go and report your finding to Mr Mai back at the Hotel.

We will now get yet another Chawan Sign and this time our destination is the second floor of the Peking Duck House

Your reward for completing this one will be a ‘Mysterious Memo’, you will now be tasked with reporting back to Mr Mai back at the Hotel once again.

You are now tasked to wait for Mr Mai which can take quite a while, perhaps there is some glitch to it that I’m unaware of but I tried doing some mini games, Martial Arts training and he still wouldn’t appear.
Instead what I had to do was wait a solid in-game day and then rest at the Hotel for the night and only after that did Mr Mai re-appear.

Anyway you will find him at his usual spot by the Hotel, eventually…The game will now tell you exactly where to go and that is Kowloon Dim Sum on Senary Road, its actually right next to Peking Duck House where you where last in order to get the ‘Mysterious Memo’

However, once you go inside you will need to gain access to the second floor which a woman in a hat is currently guarding, sadly in order to access the stairs you will need a female companion and a specific dress code, sigh. Well I guess its back to Mr Mai and to see if he has any useful ideas

Thankfully he does and he offers you a costume to wear and I must admit the costume for Ryo is rather nice and fitting, I’m a big fan.
Ryo will then ask Shenua to be his female companion for the next bit and to which she agrees and puts on her Dragon Quest VIII costume, sorry couldn’t resist.

Anyway with all of that sorted its back to the Kowloon Dim Sum we go! We should now have access to the stairs and it’s here where we can finally perform the final Chawan Sign, remember the Chawan Sign that we got earlier but had yet to use due to the fact we got another from Mr Mai? Well now we can use it..

Your reward will now be a note titled ‘Hidden Wolf’ and the game will now tell you where to go next and that’s to Blossom Road, which is the area to the right of where you are now.
Keeping to the right side of the road head past the next few buildings, keep going as though you where heading to Hua Xiao Temple.
If you keep looking to the right you should come to a shop called ‘Speciality Goods‘ and right next to this is a fenced area that you can get through and in doing so will take you to your final destination. Here you will also find Mr Zhang behind the red sofa in the largest room in the building too.

Well done after some more dialogue and a few fights you will of completed the Story Quest DLC.

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